Led Camera Video Light


LED Video Camera Lighting with Light Stand for Photography and Videography
Products Description
1.The Triopo LED light is equipped with an LCD display that can accurately display brightness / value and perform real-time adjustments.
Note: Battery purchased separately,The remote purchased by separately
2.Human fast adjustment function, can be adjusted from 10 % -100 %, without extreme fast adjustment .Any lamp in the same channel mode can control all other lamp parameter settings.
3. The higher point is to return your beauty.Display index CRI > 95, can truly restore the character color, make the picture more vivid Gaoxian refers to the picture beauty .Cold, warm, light. Free to change brightness, smooth and stable during the dimming process, no strobe, cold and warm, no light adjustment, get rid of the single single trouble of light color temperature.
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  • Brand Name: TRIOPO
  • Model Number: LED-48W
  • Power: 48Watts
  • Voltage: 15-18V
  • Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Color: black


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