Fire Extinguisher Ball


Fire extinguishing ball, when a fire occurs, roll the ball into the fire or hang the fire extinguishing ball in a place prone to fire. The fire extinguishing ball automatically sprays dry powder when it encounters an open fire to achieve the effect of automatic fire extinguishing.



Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball 0.5kg ABC POWDER FIRE EXTINGUISHER Ball Fire Fighting Ball Fire Extinguisher Ball
Fire Extinguisher Ball Description And Features:
1. Light weight 1.3kg shape of a ball even the old and children can use it easily.
2. As long as simply roll out to fire scenes or set in the places easy on fire,such as the electric case,the gas barrel, flammable chemical articles in the factory,shopping mall,gas station,hotel,or even in the car.
3. As long as been touched for 3-5 seconds by flame reaching 70 degree C, A.F.O will automatically extinguish the fire effectively and rapidly.
4. Unique capability to emit loud noise of less than 120 dB as a fire alarm upon activation.
5. Lets you take over the fire without being near the fire. A.F.O is made of totally harmless material to the environment and safe for users: the exploding power has been accurately calculated to be approved safe.
6. New and advanced technology from German,harmless to the humanity and environment, safe explosive range.
7. 5 years product warranty and does not need periodic audits.
8. Works effectively for 3 classes of fire.
• Class A: Solid burning material
• Class B: Liquid burning material
• Class C: Electric equipment

0.5kg Model Fire Extinguisher Ball
Diameter : 110MM 4”
Unit Weight: 0.5KG
Shape : Ball Type
Automatic Reaction Time : 3-5S
Effective Extinguish Area: 1-2 m²
Validity :5 Years
Content :ABC Dry Powder
Working Temperature Range :-40~+90°C


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