Everycom X21 Led Projector


Everycom Touyinger X21 is the latest and cheapest projector on the market..It has a high Lumens of 3500. Brand New in Box at a Shop With Warranty.



Product description
* X21 1280×720 pixels HD Resolution (X20:800*600 px) ;
* 3500 Lumens of Brightness
* Independent LED light control switch makes the bulb life longer;
* High-fidelity stereo sound speaker, the power is 1.5 times that of ordinary projectors;
* The body has 10 control buttons, even without the remote control can complete all operations;
* 30000 hours life lamp;
* Embedded lens cover, better protection lens, and more dust-proof;
* Higher brightness and color saturation,   Spike all the same price products.


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